Container Tilter

Sectional Model designed to ship overseas in a container.

Easy, low-cost installation. Large Fit-together pieces. No costly, dangerous and time-consuming field welding like other manufacturers.

Economically responsible companies prefer bulk. Every time you unload a bulk container, you are saving over $2,200.00 (compared to super sacks). Other benefits include safer operation, less mobile equipment, eliminating contamination, tremendous labor savings (1 man operation), and you can unload the containers at your convenience. The average company unloading bulk container products saves several million dollars each year over the handling of super sacks.

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​We offer a better container unloading process than tilting trailers.
Our innovative Container Unloaders for Food products including sugar, grain, rice, soya bean, coffee.

Minerals including nickel, coal, lime, cement, Polymers including resins PET, PE, PP, Recycling

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20’ Container unloader

Ships Overseas in Ocean Container or legal on a truck

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Most economical and safest container unloader available

Assembly required is 16 Man Hours, EASY LOW COST INSTALL & TRANSPORT

20 HP Pumping Unit/Power Pac, Install requires no crane only 5k Fork lift

Tilt angles up to 63 degree

Requires no field welding

40’ models available

Other options available

40' container tipper pictures below

Safety & Handling

2018 Study done on safety issues with containers using super sacks.


American International container unloaders are very versatile, you can unload 20’, 40’ and even 53’ foot shipping containers for a wide range of bulk materials.

With this unique system you can increase the productivity of your operation while improving safety and allowing you to avoid the contamination risks caused by double handling the imported material.

Instead of always relying on expensive and hard to find tilting trailers, American International Unloaders or Tilters allow for immediate and controlled unloading of shipping containers.

Maximize your profits by unloading plastic resin from shipping containers with single container liner bags.

Lower Labor Costs: using a single operator.
No Contamination Risks: containers can be unloaded directly into silo./storage
No More Tilting Trailers: no more looking for hard to find and expensive tilting trailers.
Safer: can be operated with one controller.one operator and options for safety hoops and safety tie down chain for extreme full tilt over 45 Degree tilt
More Convenient: unload containers when you want.
More Control: control unloading speed by adjusting tilt angle.
Easier To Store Containers: allows you to store container in tilter and unload over a longer period of time.
Adverse weather Protection: Snow protector , at the top of container, prevents snow slide during tilting

Using the remote control included with the container unloader, the entire unloading process can be safely completed by a single operator - thereby minimizing labor costs. For those companies who need to unload their material slowly or at a certain time in the future, full containers can be stored on the container unloader and unloaded when necessary.