Container Tilter

Our 20’ container tilter is a sectional model designed to ship overseas in a container or domestically on a truck. It is built to be strong with easy, low-cost installation. Our large, fit-together pieces mean that no costly, dangerous, and time-consuming field welding is required, unlike other manufacturers.

  • Assembly required: 16 manhours 
  • 20 HP pumping unit/power pack
  • Install requires only 5k forklift, no cranes needed
  • Tilt angles up to 63 degrees
  • Requires no field welding
  • 40’ models available
  • Other options available

For additional information contact:

Josh Meyers | Sales Manager
3111 W 167th Street
Hazel Crest, IL 60429 
C: 815.600.3598
P: 708.713.3970

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American International tilters offer a better container unloading process than tilting trailers and are suited for food products (including sugar, grain, rice, soybeans, and coffee), minerals (nickel, coal, lime, cement), and polymers (resins, PET, PE, PP, recycling).

American International container unloaders are versatile and can unload 20’, 40’, and even 53’ shipping containers for a wide range of bulk materials. This system allows you to increase operational productivity while improving safety and avoiding contamination risks caused by double handling imported material.

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Benefits of these tipper units include:

Economically responsible companies prefer bulk. Each time you unload a bulk container, you save more than $2,200 when compared to super sacks, resulting in millions of dollars in savings each year. Other benefits include:

Safety & Handling

2018 Study on Safety Issues with Containers Using Super Sacks

Cost Analysis for Bulk Bags vs. Bulk Container

40' container tipper pictures below