Wood Shavings Hopper

For hauling wood shavings, we manufacture 70-foot-long hoppers and dumpers with 62 degrees of tilt. Designed to unload 200 tons of wood shavings per hour, the hopper is designed to hold up to 50 tons of product.

Our wood shavings hoppers are designed to unload any bulk wood shavings such as biomass, bark, or any other flowable bulk wood material.

American International wood shavings hoppers and dumpers are built strong with easy, low-cost installation. Our large, fit-together pieces mean that no costly, dangerous, and time-consuming field welding is required, unlike other manufacturers.

Our units feature advanced engineering and heavy-duty construction for fast cycle times, improved productivity, and reliable performance. These models were built with safety and cleanliness in mind.

Framing is designed with extra-heavy I-beams (24”/94# per foot), complete with 3/8 floor plating. We also designed these units with the truck driver in mind by including extra distance between the A-frames and wheel guides on each side to keep the truck and trailer toward the center of the unit. There is plenty of room for the mirrors between the A-frames, as opposed to many older units.

We are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality and reliable wood biomass dumpers, so each of our models is designed and built to be heavier than traditional models. Our wood chip truck dumpers and tippers are available in drive-through and back-on configurations for both grade-level and elevated discharge.

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