Semi Portable

Great for tires/rubber/plastic materials.

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This unit also available in a stationary model

A semi portable unit designed to be moved with less frequency. Utilizes a sub frame only, with the dumper sitting directly onto a flat surface/slab. This unit is portable - it is fully capable of being moved, yet must be lifted onto a flatbed trailer for transport. Designed for areas with less work space, Our unit tips to 63 degree and has safety chain tie down, as well as over head safety hoops, with a 4 minute cycle time.

These semi portable units are offered in the low-profile design  which utilize a simple, shortened approach ramp.

28’ length  supplied by the manufacture. These units are designed specially for the wood products: chips, sawdust and green grindings.

Especially good for solid waste, refuge, building material waste for short term projects. These units are designed to dump up 53’ long trailers, with a 47 ton capacity, 

The semi portable comes with 300 Gal, electric or diesel hydraulic pumping unit, other options include HPU Heater and coolers with an adjustable back stop.

This tipper is designed for use at facilities that need the efficiency of a portable tipper that can easily move to job sites to accommodate your bulk product unloading needs.

American International designs all equipment for EASY LOW COST INSTALL and Requires NO FIELD WELDING

We manufacture a variety of different models of Tippers & Dumpers.

Each model is determined by the length and its tilt angle needed. Lengths from 40 to 70 feet long & angles of tilt, from 35 degree to 62 degrees of tilt.

​Our dumpers/tippers are designed to unload bulk materials such as municipal solid wastes and wood products.

Easy, low-cost installation. Large Fit-together pieces. No costly, dangerous and time-consuming field welding like other manufacturers.

Available in a stationary or semi portable unit.

This unit is designed for dumping all type of refuge, garbage, wood chip, saw dust and is easily moved to different locations, equipped with safety chain tie downs, choice of electric or diesel power unit and has full tilt

This semi Portable tipper is much safer and more economical that any other on the market today.

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Our Tippers & Dumpers feature advanced engineering and heavy-duty construction that result in fast cycle times, improved productivity and reliable performance.

Each tipper is designed and built quite a bit heavier than the traditional models that have been used for the last 60 years..

American International Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing high quality and reliable tippers & dumpers.

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